The history of STIGA BELOS and the 
       development of TRANS PRO.


The engineering company BELOS was founded in 1944 by engineer Olof Bennick. 
The company was divided into BELOS –development and manufacturing of tractors and large size mowers, and into BELOS INDUSTRIES –marketing and sales of pumps for 
industrial use.



Two-wheel tractor, type 1971, was  developed and produced continuously from 1950 through 1988

The idea to design articulated unit with operators seat in the 
forward section of the machine 
was for the first time 
developed 1960.
The first prototype of the collecting sweeper 
was built 1960.



Same year the whole concept was 
redesigned, the articulated steering was modified, the engine was mowed to the rear body and this was the start of 
the “year-round-machine”.

TRANS PRO was born 1966.

The first unit with cab was introduced in spring 1968.



1974 BELOS was appointed as the sole distributor for KUBOTA in Sweden, 1989 in Denmark and in Norway 1993.


The idea to design an implement carrier, was further developed and 1982 the first BELOS Midget was launched.

1984, Carl-Axel Bennick, son of the founder, sold the company to STIGA and so BELOS changed the name to STIGA BELOS AB.

In the beginning of 1985 the serialproduction started. 




Production of present concept of TRANS PRO started in 1998. For the first time in the history, the customer became involved to customize his own machine after his own specific needs.
Increasing interest from Scandinavia and rest of Europe resulted in bigger sales volume.


Today STIGA BELOS AB belongs to GGP, (Global Garden Products), together with STIGA ,Castelgarden, Alpina and Mountfield.
GGP is the leading company group in Europe for mowers, garden tools and implement carriers. Turn over 2000 was approximately 500 million EURO and with an upward trend.

                                                                                                                                                                 Rimbo 8/2001  BM-IW