New bushing in the pinned housing


I noticed an excessive play at the wheel axle when I changed to the winterwheels. Rather concerned of that, I decided to tore down the axle housing. I thought that the wheelbearing needed adjustment.


The axle housing disassembled, the differential have become visible.


Axle housing with steeringbrake.


Axlehousing disassembled. After a couple adjustments I realized that the play was not to find in the axle bearing. The differnetial have to go out of the transmission.


Differential on the bench.


Here are the pinned housing disassembled from the differential.


At last! The worn surface is found. But what to do? After a little research, I decided to machine out enough space in the housing to fit a bronze bushing. Im glad that I have an old lathe.


The finished bushing in the housing.


Down to the left are the bronze material standing.

 Mmm...the excessive play was gone when I assembled the parts again.