Here are a videoclip showing me and the kid blowing snow into a pile for him to play with.
The sound you hear is the 6HP Yanmar dieselengine at slightly over idle
  Snowblowing with Yanmar-L (736 kB)

 More snowblowing with the Yanmar, now removing a pile of snow which come from the area in front of the garage.
(I canīt blow the snow in any direction from there, I have to remove the snow with the snowplow)

There is two clips, one with a small amount of snow at rather low RPM (584 kB) and
one with more snow and higher RPM (1145 k) and some black smoke

The remaining snow after the blower is removed with the 5200 and the sweeper (1055 kB)

Sound of the two-stroker ILO-engine (1453 kB)